My Story

Hello, my name is Cyndi Rai, like a ray of sunshine!  When people asked my son what I did for a living, he would reply, with his quirky sense of humor, that I touched naked people in the dark. That is partially true since I own Energy Massage & Reflexology in Liberty Lake, but I have expanded my business and founded 7ROOTS LIFE to do what I am truly passionate about, and to fulfill my dream of helping others through wellness talks, personalized two-hour healing sessions, and retreats.  Retreats that are based on what has made the greatest impact in my life—water, breath, yoga, meditation, massage, nutrition, and Ayurveda.

Who am I creating these retreats for?  Maybe you.  Have you experienced loss, are you working through grief?  Do you want to reconnect with who you really are?  Are you desperate to get your energy back and find happiness again?  Maybe I can help you.  Let me share a little of my story so you can see how I’ve had to gain tools to continue to function.

In 2011, I closed the door on an 18-year marriage and got my first restraining order.  As a stay-at-home mom, I didn’t have an income to support my four children and we didn’t have a home we could afford to live in.  For the first few months we lived in the bonus room built on the back of an old single wide trailer.  Then we moved into the master bedroom of a house that was far from school and town.  A place that had been trashed and left empty for a year, a house impossible to heat during a cold January.  It was during this time that I understood how a mother could feel so overwhelmed that she would actually think about driving the van with everyone in it into the lake.  But, I gained more tools and we made it through.

In the next two years I completed massage school, got my massage license, certified in reflexology and started a business.  In 2013 my children’s father burned down the home we were living in.  This time each of my children got a restraining order and I ended up with a 40-year no contact order.  And again, we made it through.  In the summer of 2016, my precious only 19-year-old son, my friend, my co-parent, the one I probably relied on too much, shot himself in my bathroom with the gun I had bought to protect us from his dad.  That night after the police, the firetruck, and the ambulance drove away, I stepped out of Darius’ bed and felt a sharp pain down my left glute.  That physical pain has remained with me every single day since June 25, 2016.

Yet, despite the pain in our bodies, the experiences in our lives, suffering is created in our minds.  When we get the power over our thoughts we control our happiness.  There is a very real connection between our gut health and our mental health.  I believe in the innate goodness of people and that we are all doing the best we can based on our experiences, our capacity level, and the tools we have gained.  I watched and cried as my ex-husband didn’t make his physical health a priority and eventually watched as it destroyed his mental health.

My dream is to create communities where people can live lives filled with energy, happiness, connection and fulfill their purpose.  Sustainable communities where people help each other and live with love and compassion.  Where living a 7ROOTS LIFE is a daily reality.  Where health reigns and beautiful gardens grow.  Because each of us makes the world a better place when we take care of ourselves and live the life of our dreams, doing what we love.

So the first step is to take care of YOU.